Wednesday, January 27, 2010

eHow Dolly Visits Virginia

If you haven't heard of eHow Dolly, you're missing out. She hails from Hawaii, the creation of eHow writer veryirie, and is making a cross-country journey across the United States, with stops up and down the East Coast, a zig-zg through the midwest, and a final stop at the eHow headquarters in Santa Monica, CA before returning home to HI.

Shirley started this eHow forum discussion about Dolly's trip, and there's even a Squidoo Lens on Dolly. Now all she needs is a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account and she'd truly be set!

While visiting me in Virginia, Dolly got a taste of a "week in the life of a work at home mom." It may not have been her most exciting leg of the journey, but we all had fun!

eHow Dolly enjoyed sightseeing in the Shenandoah Valley, including an adventure to see the swollen river over its banks and covering the road in several locations, necessitating its closure for part of her visit. She also got to check out the Discovery Museum in Winchester, VA, but things were too crazy for me to get pictures (my girlfriend and I brought our combined total of 7 kids under 7 to the museum!)

But here are some pictures I did snap while Dolly visited us:

Dolly sits on the deck watching the melting ice dripping in the woods in the aftermath of an ice storm:

She wanted to pet the kids' rabbit:

Dolly helped me feed the chickens:

She brainstormed eHow article ideas with me:

... and endured a hug from Patrick, 2,
... before heading on her way to eHow member suzyhomeeconomy in NC. She picked up a postcard and souvenir spoon from VA and is carrying a chocolate bar to her next hostess, as well as the lottery game sent by David Sarokin.

Safe travels, Dolly!


survivoryea said...

What a lovely visit Dolly had with you and your family! Love the photos of the woods outside-and the chickens-but the best is little Patrick giving that hug- I just know Dolly had a wonderful time!!

Maria said...

Thanks, survivoryea! I wanted to get a picture of her with all four of my kids but kept missing my chance to set up the photo. My six-year-old was in tears when he learned that Dolly had gone on her way while he and Rose, 5, were in school. She was kept out of reach while visiting, but they each had a chance to hold her and peek at her travel souvenirs.

Anonymous said...

I think Dolly is really going to appreciate Hawaii after all the winter weather we have put her through!

I'm sure she loved spending time with your beautiful family, Maria!

Pam said...

Maria - Being around 4 young ones was probably a thrill for Dolly as I'm sure it was the boredom of living with empty nesters that drove Dolly to drink in the first place. :) And btw, if Patrick is any indication of how adorable your kids are, you are a lucky mom indeed. Thanks for hosting Dolly; the pics are great! Pam

Maria said...

veryirie -- thank you for sending Dolly on this fun journey and sharing her with all of us! Now, I'd heard whispered rumors of her past escapades, so I was sure to carefully monitor her time with the kids ... never know what she would say! (Especially after her outing with Tom of MD to, ahem, Hooters!) But she behaved herself beautifully.

Peggy said...

That Dolly really gets around. I love that she gets to visit so many animals and kids on her travels.

Joey V. said...

I admire your life Maria, You remind me of my oldest daughter who is 33 with 7 children, makes her own diapers, cans and does the organic food co-op, home schools all 7 kids and finds time to sell on eBay.

I enjoyed reading your blog and the pics of Dolly! Stay dry~~:)

Jeff Hopeck said...

This is one heck of an impressive blog!! Love the story... and Hawaii? Wow, are you lucky. I love the uniqueness of your content and just want to say great job. Keep up the good work!

Maria said...

Jeff, I'm not from HI ... just Dolly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the animals and Dolly! How do you keep the chickens and rabbits warm during the winter? Looks like she had a great time!

Diane Cass said...

I think it's great that Dolly got a taste of motherhood. Maybe she will choose to settle down someday, after her wanderlust dies down. LOL!

AJ Tyne said...

Love the pictures, Maria! I'm sure Dolly loved a chance to slow down and enjoy the country life.

Kidgas said...

This is the first I have heard of Dolly, but I think it is a wonderful idea. She should come visit Indy in May and go to the Indianapolis 500. She would need ear plugs, though.

Lindsay said...

Hi Marie, thanks for commenting on WFYW and for the Tweet! I knew had a bear that visited the various vacation rentals, but this is the first I've heard about the eHow doll. ;)

How many chickens do you have? I've been thinking about getting some but like to travel and it's bad enough finding lodging for the dogs, hehe. I am going to do bees this year though. They are pretty low maintenance!

Maria said...

We have 14 hens and a rooster right now. We love having our own fresh eggs and my 6-year-old son is in charge of feeding and egg collecting. My dad was a beekeeper, and fresh honey is the best!