Hi, I'm Maria, also known online as "WriterGig." Thank you for stopping by my blog!

This blog is here to help you reach success as a work at home mom (or dad, of course!). I have been a work at home mom since my oldest son, now 7, was born. My online income grew from a few hundred dollars a month to more than $5,000 at the heyday of eHow. I did this from home while enjoying life with my husband, children, family and friends.

Currently, I'm working on building back up to a full-time, residual income from my writing, this time with my own websites and blogs as a primary focus. 

My Work at Home Mom (WAHM) blog  features information on building your online business, tips on juggling the kids and home while you work, as well as suggestions for defining your own goals and reaching them in a timely manner.

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