Thursday, July 14, 2011

June Residual Income Report: Lowest Month Ever

 One of the downsides of a residual income is that it can decrease from one month to the next,  with fluctuations caused by factors from the season to online competition in your niche to search engine changes. A roller coaster ride comes to mind as the perfect illustration for this reality.

During my highest months, I've earned $5,000+. last month, in stark contrast, was a fraction of that at less than $1,000 earned from residual income sources online. In fact, it's the lowest month I've had since I embarked on my residual-only business plan.

As those of you who follow my blog know, the largest source of my residual income, articles, were purchased from me by Demand Media in March. Thus I no longer have that revenue stream, am and relying on my own small sites and blogs to earn money through ads and affiliate links.

2011 Still a Record
On the positive side, my residual income for this year as a whole will be my best ever, since the one-time buyout payment was also residual income. So, when I look at this year as a whole, I know it will be a great success income-wise. The monthly picture, at least during the summer when interest in my top niches wanes and traffic to my sites is down, is less encouraging. But, and here's the good part -- it's truly motivating. I have to re-focus my efforts, build up my best sites and work harder to make a go of this so that my 2012 income is back where it need to be.

Here are my sources of income and numbers for last month:

June Residual Writing Income
  • Adsense   $488.89
  • PCo affiliate $104.19
  • Amazon    $92.07
  • Demand Studios   $91.35
  • WA affiliate  $66.50
  • NB commissions $49.90
  • clickbank $40.04
  •     $5.40
 Total $938.34

 See what I mean? Nothing exceptional -- everything was down compared to May, the previous month, which saw over $2,000 in revenue. Time for me to get back to work -- what about you? How are the summer months treating your income?