Tuesday, September 27, 2011

August Residual Income Report

I've been taking a sabbatical of sorts since my new baby was born, but luckily the residual income from my writing work keeps coming in -- that's the best part of being a work at home mom for me. 

My biggest earners are still my pets website and my family/ home blog. Here's my breakdown of earnings for August 2011:

Adsense $634.21
Amazon $181.94
WA commissions $89.00
Demand residuals $88.84 $75.41
HG commission $50 
NB commissions  $49.90
Clickbank    $41.26
C.Tracer commissions $20.00
RA commissions $11.60

Total         $1,242.16

Just enough to pay for the kids' private school tuition and some extras for now, but I definitely have plans for increasing my income and hope to bring it back up to where I was before the eHow changes, this time relying on my own online properties.

I'll be posting more in the coming months as I get back on track with my writing and online marketing.