Tuesday, September 27, 2011

August Residual Income Report

I've been taking a sabbatical of sorts since my new baby was born, but luckily the residual income from my writing work keeps coming in -- that's the best part of being a work at home mom for me. 

My biggest earners are still my pets website and my family/ home blog. Here's my breakdown of earnings for August 2011:

Adsense $634.21
Amazon $181.94
WA commissions $89.00
Demand residuals $88.84 $75.41
HG commission $50 
NB commissions  $49.90
Clickbank    $41.26
C.Tracer commissions $20.00
RA commissions $11.60

Total         $1,242.16

Just enough to pay for the kids' private school tuition and some extras for now, but I definitely have plans for increasing my income and hope to bring it back up to where I was before the eHow changes, this time relying on my own online properties.

I'll be posting more in the coming months as I get back on track with my writing and online marketing.


Anonymous said...

How can we earn money with amazon?
How many daily visits your website should have to earn 600 USD with adsense?
thank you so much

Rachel @ Pen Meets Wallet said...

Awesome job and congrats on the new baby! My income has taken a hit from the loss of eHow as well, but I plan on writing more for my own sites as that is the best way to earn over the long term. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Hey Maria,
I've been following you since our Ehow days...just wondering if you've ever written for I switched over there about two years ago and have had tremendous success. My highest month I made over $5k. I have two little children so my time to write is limited to nap time most days. Some days I don't write at all - but like you the residuals just keep rolling in.

Maria said...

Anonymous -- webmasters and online marketers earn money through the Amazon Associates program by linking to relevant products. You receive a small percentage of the sale (ie 6%) when someone buys through your link.

Rachel, thanks! Yes, I agree that one's own sites have great potential.

Melissa, I looked into Examiner when they first started hiring freelance writers and bloggers but was skeptical of the earning potential and the content ownership set-up. What do you make there in an average month? (Way to go on the $5k month -- that's great!)

Mandy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am not doing great with adsense yet, but I hope I can get there.

Zaje said...

WOW that's awesome! Not rich, but still making a great amount of part-time money! I'm attempting to do the same (design and marketing services) so you're an inspiration :-)