Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July Residual Income Report

My  July residual income from affiliate sales, Adsense and online writing was higher than June's, thankfully. I took most the month off writing and blogging to prepare for, welcome and enjoy my new baby.

I think that writing for passive income is one of the very best work at home jobs for moms you can find -- there is nothing like checking your accounts on a Monday morning (after spending Sunday hosting a post-baptism reception) and seeing a $250+ commission from a large sale over the weekend. That's the site that greeted me August 1, a great start to a new month.

I'm back at work now, getting up early when I can (baby Mark likes to wake up and eat at all hours, the little stinker, I mean sweetie) and writing during nap/ quiet time. I'm still working to build up my monthly income back to the $5k/ month mark ... as you'll see from the numbers below, I have a ways to go.

July Residual Writing Income:

Adsense    $577.30      $338.15
Amazon   $114.73
Demand Studios $107.78
Clickbank $101.32
Wealthy Affiliate $66.50
Niche Blogger $29.94
Squidoo $5.62

Total $1,341.34 

I'll be writing, formatting, linking, backlinking and working on all the other fun tasks that writer-webmasters do throughout August to hopefully increase my numbers.

What are you working on? I love to hear about others' online projects!


Missy said...

Maria, you're doing a great job! You'll be at $5000 a month before you know it!

I really miss the old EHow, but I'm working on adding stuff to HubPages and creating my own websites. I made .88 from the Hubpages Ad Program 2 days ago and .60 yesterday, so things are starting to pick back up. For awhile, I was stuck between .15 to .30 per day. It was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Writergig! I've been following you for quite some time now. I used to write articles nonstop on ehow and all the sudden they changed everything. I stopped all my work online and started bartending, which has been great until now. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and looking to work from home again. Everything has changed so much in the past few years online, I don't even know where to start anymore. If you could offer any advice it would be appreciated!! My email is Thanks so much!

Marsha S said...

wow! You make me know that it is possible to earn what I need online.
Unfortunately I got "kicked" out of adsense within a week, they claimed for fraudulent clicking :(
I see you are on squidoo as well. I am too, I am marsha32.
I do all kinds of things online in my attempts.
I am going to follow you if nothing else for the inspiration that I can do it!

Anonymous said...

Writing and mothering seem to fit very well together. Kids have an incredible knack for observation that keeps it alive in me as well. I love the moment my kids fall asleep and writing time begins! I write women's fiction.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on the baby and your writing successes! Last week, I randomly had a note from Clickbank that I'd earned $150 (someone had signed up for Yaro Starak's blogging course that I reviewed...uhm...three years ago?). I still get money from my Squidoo lenses too. Though the dependable, steady income is nice, it's fun to get random unexpected bonuses out of no where, heh.

Bristolboy said...

Wow! Those are some massive earnings. The majority of my earnings come from Hubpages ad program at the moment but they are no where near that level. Did your good luck continue in August?

Angela said...

I have yet to begin making any real money online. Thank God I still have my day job, but I plan on retiring next year, so I want to start building that bridge now. I'm on hubpages and have two blogs which I'm just beginning to monetize. Keep up the great work!