Sunday, July 20, 2008

Passive Income Report for May and June 2008

I took a minute to total my passive income for the past couple months, and thought I'd share the results here. I really want to encourage you to build up a passive income stream (several streams!) because the reality of earning money for articles you wrote months ago or links you posted last year can really change how you view your work and your approach to earning money.

May 2008
Residuals from my articles: $427.13
Affiliate sales:
SBI $74.83 $19.35

Total May passive income: $521.31

June 2008

Residuals from my articles: $397.20
Sales of my eHow eBook (after fees): $126.40
Affiliate sales:
Implix affiliate sales $67.90 $22.43

Total June passive income: $613.93

My bank of eHow articles is my biggest passive income generator, followed in June by eBooks and then affiliate sales. I have not marketed my eBook at all, except for posting a link on this site and in my WAHM profile. After I build the sales page and a little campaign around the eBook, I expect to sell quite a few downloads.

The non-Amazon affiliate sales are always a pleasant surprise. Amazon always averages about $20 a month, which is not much but it's a little extra that just comes in without effort. Implix has several software programs, but I've only linked to and sold the eBook Gold program so far.

I wrote my first eHow article less than a year ago, and in January 2008 made my New Year's resolution to build my passive income streams in 2008. In less than eight months, I
consistently earn over $500 a month just in passive income, which is in addition to my paid articles and writing done for clients.

My next goal is to reach $1,000 a month in passive income. As a work at home mom, my time is very limited. The more I can build my passive income streams, the higher my overall income potential. I can't create more hours to work, but I can maximize my earnings by focusing on work that keeps earning money long after I've put down my pen for the day.

I wish you the best success in your own passive income endeavors... get started today!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

eBook Affiliate Program

I've launched a new eBook Affiliate Program to help promote my book on How to Earn Passive Income at Affiliate links are a great way to monetize your blog and earn extra money ... and can be another great source of passive income.

The eBook sells for $25, and affiliates earn 50% commission on sales they generate. You can link to the eBook from your blog, website, social networking site, email or other electronic media.

One of the best ways I've found to make money as an affiliate is to create content articles on a related subject, optimized for search engines and readers alike, and include a simple text link to the product or program I'm promoting.

Text links for affiliate programs seem to be more successful than flashy banner ads, in my experience.

You'll need a steady stream of traffic to your blog or content in order to sell products, so promote your work through social media, online forums and blog carnivals.

Best of luck ... leave me a comment if you have any questions!