Thursday, February 4, 2016

Starting Over: January 2016 Multiple Income Streams Report

If you look back, you'll see that I previously labeled these monthly reports "Passive Income" and "Residual Income." But over the years, I've realized that the term "passive income" is not well defined in the online world. It's also not very accurate. Most of us work very hard to build, nurture and grow our "passive income" streams. Of course, even neglected, they may still produce income, and I understand that -- after a year of not posting on one of my blogs, I still get a trickle of Adsense earnings and affiliate sales.

The concept of Multiple Income Streams, however, is a better one for most online entrepreneurs and work at home moms.

My January income is very low. I have been working only minimally over the past two years, and took December and January off completely (maternity leave!) Additionally, my eBay and Amazon inventory stock were both very low after Nov. & Dec. sales. So here it is.

  • $133.47 Amazon payments (net after AZ shipping and fees) 
  •  $82.07 Clickbank 
  •  $10.80 Demand Media (old articles)
  •   $0.43 Interest 
$226.77 total income for January 2016 

I'm actually excited about starting over with such low numbers. If I can build it all back up to full-time income levels ($5k/ month) working part time from home as a mom, it will give me a great feeling of accomplishment -- and you'll know it's possible for you, too!