Monday, February 25, 2008

Goals and Success as a WAHM

Setting goals (as I did in my previous blog post) is only half the battle. You have to work hard to achieve those goals, and articulate changes as you progress.

Immediate revenue needs as the impetus, I have changed my weekly work-at-home goals to reflect my current situation. I have had to put my Natural Health Information web site on hold while I work more on near-term income producers.

I do plan to get back to my website about mid year, or when we sell our home and our financial pressures ease up.

For now, I am working about 15 hours a week (3 hours a day Mon-Fri) on my English grading job online and I try to write one new eHow article each day.

The English grading is a good match for me. I don't get bored or find it tedious, but it is simple at the same time since I have graded thousands of papers by now. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an $.83/hour raise in my January paycheck ... hey, it'll add up over time.

I continue to be pleased with my eHow revenue -- you really can make money writing eHow articles, and with a large enough collection, the monthly royalties add up. I figured I would have to have thousands and thousands of dollars in a high-interest savings account to bring in the passive income I'm making from eHow. Yes, there is the work up front to write the articles, but I consider the time investment worth it to have income each month that will keep coming even if I stop writing.

No, that's not my workspace in the photo ... but it inspires me and is something I aim for. Simplicity and order help me stay on track and organized. It's amazing how much more I accomplish with a clean desk.

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