Monday, August 4, 2008

Residual Income for July 2008

July was my biggest month so far for eHow earnings, and affiliate sales were good as well. One reader asked me by email if my only writing income is from these sources--the answer is no. I have several freelance writing clients and several editing gigs that keep me busy in addition to writing "for myself" as much as I am able. I don't share my regular writing income because it's just not my style, but I do like to show others how certain residual income streams are producing. I hope it's encouraging and helpful. Here's my newest tally.

July 2008 Residual Income

eHow earnings $500.56
SBI affiliate sales $74
eBook $71.52
Amazon $25.78
Google Adsense $3.20

Total $675.06

These are all true residuals. The links for Amazon books and other affiliate earnings were put up months or even a year ago in one case. I don't have time to promote my eHow articles, so those are also quite passive.

If you aren't focusing on building your residual income streams on the side, I highly recommend that you start today, even if you just write one eHow article. Start simple, and keep it up. Try setting aside 30 minutes or one hour of each day to your own writing that will continue to produce income long after you've left the computer.


The Family CEO said...

So, Maria, do you really feel like it's not necessary to Digg or Stumble your eHow articles? Or submit them to search engines? Or other forms of promotion?

I'm like you...I don't have a lot of time. It would be such a relief if all of that just didn't matter.

Maria said...

I definitely think you shouldn't be submitting to search engines, as eHow does that automatically. Someone who is just starting out at eHow might benefit more from Stumbles and Diggs, but once you have established a good set of articles I would focus more on creating good content (more articles) and perhaps linking to your best ones from your blog to increase your article's page rank. Personally, I don't do much article promotion at this point, but I do submit an eHow article to a Stumble club each week to add to the traffic.

The Family CEO said...

Good points. I'm at 77 articles now so I think I'll focus on creating content.

Plus, I've been reading lately that social traffic (from Digg, Stumble, etc.) won't click on ads as much as organic traffic from search engines because social users are more internet-savvy. Makes sense to me.

Thanks for your input.

Maria said...

Absolutely. Your very best traffic comes from the search engines ... people who are looking for specific content and resources. Stumble readers are usually like, "Oh cool article, Stumble on" and don't really explore past your text, if they even read it through.