Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Make Money with a Website

Figuring out how to make money with a website is a learning process, one that has certainly been simplified by the plethora of informative guides, blog posts and articles available online for free. One of the best resources I've seen recently is the How to Build Passive Income with Article Sites Series by Lindsay at Writing for Your Wealth. If you're new to creating niche sites, or want to take your earnings to a higher level, pay attention to Lindsay's advice. She knows what she's talking about -- she earns over $100,000 in Adsense a year.

I have several sites online making money and several domains that I plan to bring online this year. My non-Blogger sites consist (so far) of the following:
  • A nutrition site created with SiteBuild It! in December 2007
  • A home and garden site & Wordpress blog started in June 2008
  • A pets site created in December 2008
  • A mini-site for my eHow eBook
  • Several other domains with one page or none, needing attention
For all except the nutrition site, I use HostGator hosting and can have unlimited domains under that account, paying about $15 to register each one and then $10/ month to host them all. I decided to go this route rather than purchase multiple SBI sites because, under my one membership, I have access to all the tools and can use the Brainstorming tools, keyword information, forums and networking/ link building aspects for any of my sites. Also, I am not expecting to make a large amount of money from the sites right away, so HostGator was more affordable than SBI! for multiple small sites. The education I received at SBI! was invaluable and I continue to use those resources on my SBI site as well as in my other website ventures.

My pets site, whose link I will share sometime later when the site is more complete, has 9 pages and has been indexed by Google. I have earned just over $10 in Adsense and $4 in Amazon referrals since I published the first page in mid December.

I'm doing this site partially as a case study, to see how well it will earn and whether it is a better method than writing for content sites with better page ranks. I also want to diversify my income.

Some quick stats on the site:
  • Domain name is a three-word search term.
  • The topic has low search engine traffic and low cost Adsense ads.
  • Competition for the keywords isn't bad.
I'll be interested to see how it earns as I add more pages and do a little site promotion. As always, I'll post updates.

Do you make money with your website or a blog? I'd love to hear how it's going.

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Felicia said...

I find websites to be more lucrative even if you don't know what you're doing. I started a website a couple of years ago. I made every mistake possible. At the time I put the site up I didn't know what I was doing, and now I don't have the time or energy to make the corrections.

In spite of my major errors, the site consistently brings in about $300 a month in advertising income. I guess if I spent some time working on the site and correcting the errors, the income would grow.

The interesting thing is that Google doesn't like the site (too many errors) so my searches come from Yahoo, MSN, Ask and other search engines. Who knows, maybe I'll start working on it to correct the errors as a side project to see how the income grows.

Bottom line, it's hard not to make money with websites.

jen brister said...

I've been working my way through The Niche Blogger course and it has been invaluable! I'm really enjoying it and I currently have 4 blogs that I have set up according to the criteria. I hope to be making a full time income from blogging by the end of 2009.

Maria said...

Felicia -- that is really encouraging! Thank you.

Jen -- The NicheBlogger is an excellent course, isn't it? Best of luck with your goals!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

I haven't made any money yet. But I'm new and have a lot to learn. So hopefully with time and as I continue to develop content and grow my blog, I will start seeing at least something! How many months or years did it take for you guys to start getting any revenue streams?

Annalise said...

I have only been making money with websites for about three months. I have made money online by writing articles and as a SEO consultant for the last couple of years, but I never had the time or energy to put my knowledge to work for websites of my own.

So far it's going well, and I know that in a few more months, I'll be able to let go of some freelance jobs without sacrificing my income.

I think that you pointed out the key in the first paragraph of this post: it's a learning process. So many people have been mislead by scams and hype that they don't believe that they can really make money online. But like any job, it does take work, and time to build.

pfincome said...

That is great. I am really looking forward to reading the status of your sites. It sounds like you have an excellent collection of websites in your passive income portfolio!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the mention, Maria!

I definitely think the reseller type hosting account (allowing you to have multiple sites on one account) is a good way to go. It's a lot more affordable than paying for a new hosting plan every time you create a new domain. You can always move a site to a dedicated server or individual hosting account later if it really takes off and needs more bandwidth.

Nellie Butler said...

This is encouraging, and giving me some ideas for my own site, which is about making money from home and saving money on everyday items and services.

I'm not done researching yet, and this is my first time out, but I'm following the advice I've found and it seems to be going well so far:)

I've actually linked back to this site on my blog The Juggling Homemaker. I'm a follower of your blog here now and plan to study it more closely. Don't be surprised if I end up referencing you there. This site looks great and it sounds like you're doing well.