Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When eHow is Down ...

Publishing, or trying to publish, eHow articles lately has been a frustrating failure as glitches prevent new articles from coming online or even, at times, saving as a draft.

As aggravating as it is to write eHow articles and be unable to publish them for days and even weeks,  I've learned over the past few years that the down time can actually be a huge motivator to do other things to improve eHow earnings and build related residual income sources.

10 Things to Do When eHow Publishing is Down

  1. Boost your five top-earning articles with two new backlinks each.
  2. Revive your three slowest-earning articles with a new backlink apiece. 
  3. Research two unexplored niches and create three unique titles in each niche for future eHow articles.
  4. Build a blog on a broad topic -- ie crafts, cooking, personal finance -- to link to from your eHow articles' Resources section. Write several posts and monetize with ads and affiliate links.
  5. Sign up on other revenue-sharing sites, and use your top-earning eHow articles as inspiration for your first articles on the other sites. 
  6. Try writing lenses on Squidoo
  7. Take pictures of a project you complete -- from making donuts to waxing your car -- to use in a future eHow article and "I did It!" projects on eHow.
  8. Make a goal to increas your eHow earnings over the next three months. How many new articles will you write (once the tool is fixed)? How many backlinks will you create?
  9. Browse free photos sites and download copyright-free stock images, along with photographer name to give credit, and have them ready for easy access when composing future articles.
  10. Write eHow articles. Even if you can't publish them right away. 
What do you do when the eHow publishing tool doesn't work?


Julie @ Write for eHow said...

Great list, Maria. I've been building backlinks to my eHow articles using Xomba. It's actually fun to learn about a new site.

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

Peg said...

Great tips for dealing with eHow these days. I'm writing more articles for Suite 101, posting to my blogs and adding links to articles there, and still writing eHow articles. I must be lucky because it hasn't eaten any articles lately, just been slow at actually publish them once I've done my part.

Felicia said...

Great list, Maria. With so many opportunities available on the internet, there are always other income building tasks that can be done while eHow fixes their problems.

claire said...

Great insight into the need to keep focused on the tasks that CAN be done and not let little disturbances disrupt your goals.

there are always things to do. Just might take a little navigation adjustment for the moment.

Amberdawn said...

Way to stay positive when there's glitches :) I started using xomba for back links and I also started a blog for planning my wedding :)

Tammy Frost said...

Thanks so much for these ideas. I have been stumbling my articles, making money elsewhere and came up with a brilliant plan to help all ehow members. You can view my plan on my ehow blog:

Thanks, You are the ehow QUEEN!

Carla said...

Great tips! I never even thought about building backlinks to my ehow articles. I'll get started on that asap! Thanks again :)