Friday, September 10, 2010

August Earnings from eHow, Adsense & Affiliate Sales (and Bukisa)

I know how much people enjoy seeing earnings reports from writers and internet marketers -- it can be both encouraging and reassuring that making money online is really possible. When I was first starting out it was a real boost to my confidence to read updates from bloggers making $500 and $1,000 or even $10,000 a month. It was very inspirational to me. So ... here are some of my earnings from August 2010:

eHow                $1,825.05

Google Adsense   $332.77                 $224.92

Amazon             $168.25

WA                   $110.00
Clickbank             $60.06

Bukisa                  $53.27

 Total reported here:             $2,774

(I also have miscellaneous earnings from single-company affiliate programs, my ebook, and a few other sources.)

August was a very good, although not record-breaking, month for eHow earnings. (The number here is just for my earnings under the WriterGig profile; I also have residuals from Demand Studios eHow articles and from another eHow profile not included here.) After checking the month's earnings, I found myself wishing I'd written just a few hundred more eHow articles than I did over the nearly 3 years the eHow Writers' Compensation Program (WCP) existed. Yes, I'm building up my own sites and blogs ... but these articles and pages take much longer than eHow articles did to start earning. You really can't beat eHow's great pagerank and traffic. But I digress.

Google Adsense was also strong, my second-highest month by a few dollars. This is encouraging as my main Adsense earner actually does best in the spring, so a strong August is very promising. My other niche sites are starting to show up with Adsense impressions and I'm looking forward to seeing these numbers grow as I add content and build backlinks.

My sales were more than $200, and the bulk of that is for a specific product I started marketing three years ago simply by adding a link under one of my eHow articles. I have four eHow articles that link to this product; those few links from 2007 have brought in over $2,000 in sales commissions. That is about as passive as income gets.

Clickbank is on the rise for me, which is a direct result of putting into practice the methods taught at the new affiliate marketing membership site I joined back in June (I'll blog more about this in an update post soon). It's great to see these sales, especially since they amount to $20 per sale. So three sales for the CB product I promote yields $60 ... I had to sell 123 products on Amazon in August to get the $168 listed here. But I'm not complaining about those Amazon earnings ... most of them are from years-old links as well and are a great boost to my monthly earnings total.

Was August a good month for your online earnings? Have you added any new residual income/ passive income streams this summer?


Craftdrawer said...

This is very encouraging. I have some articles on ehow and have been accepted for Demand Studios but never followed through with them. I seem to be writing more on Hubpages and Examiner lately. Have you been pretty satisfied with Demand Studios?

Maria said...

Yes, DS has been good to me for ongoing residual income as well as for up-front pay in the past.

My DS posts are here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Peg said...

Wow, your earnings are fabulous, Maria. Congrats! I had my best month on eHow in August and the articles that earn the best are ones I wrote after buying your ebook. It turned the page for me on using keywords and choosing the best keyword phrases in my title, etc. I hope to catch up with you soon. (I wish!)

Kidgas said...

Very impressive! I wish I could say that your results are encouraging, but today they are not. I am looking at my own eHow of $3 and change and just hanging my head in despair. But that is OK. I will keep plugging away slowly but surely although I think I will go see if some football is on now.

jseven said...

Wow, good job, Maria! I lost interest a lot after the WCP closed and the DS title were so not fun for me. I need to write some residuals on there, you gave me hope. Thanks!

Tammy Frost said...

Maria, Your earnings post is awesome. Do you ever have problems with the tracking a CJ? I have had my shopwithtammy website up and I have never had any tracked earnings from Cj. Do you have a seperate website where you promote your Commision Junction links and products?
Thanks for Sharing your earnings. You are a rolemodel to every online writer.

Anonymous said...

Very good earnings Maria. I sure hope that I could make that much money one day. By the way have you heard about CloudCrowd? It's a unique way of working from home by doing editing, data entry, translation tasks. They even pay on a daily basis as you can see from my payment proofs here - . For more information, you may check this link - where I have given my understanding on CloudCrowd.


Anonymous said...

Always good to hear that former eHow buddies are doing well.
I'm having a super fun time over at Squidoo making webpages there.
I'm anxious to get the August earnings today or tomorrow as it should be a breakthrough month for me.

Darla said...

Maria this is great!!! August was better for me. (i had increased promotion). I agree with you that I wish I had written much more while active on ehow. Examiner was great but not good residual base for me. Now that there are other sites, i have less time! Anytime you want to guestblog with link backs to anything let me know. :)

Rachel said...

As always, your numbers continue to be very encouraging. Thank you for being open and showing other writers there IS money to be made online!

Join The Office Revolt said...

Great numbers! Is there a reason you aren't using some of the other more popular affiliate programs?

Maria said...

Peg -- So glad to hear that! And way to go. :)

jseven -- yes, the DS model is not as fun as the old eHow, but I definitely think the earnings potential is there. I hope it goes well for you.

Tammy, not that I know of but it would be hard to know if there were issues, right? I think they have industry-standard tracking software.

Manoj, will check it out, thanks.

Darla, glad August was better for you too. Are you trying out ListMyFive?

JointheOfficerevolt -- like which ones?

Jerrie Dean said...

Wonderful post. I had forgotten about clickbank and thought I need to go back there and check on it and then you wrote about it. I have trouble keeping track of everything.

Zero said...

It's looking good Maria. Keep it up. What is WA though? And how come you don't write for Hubpages or AssociatedContent? They're pretty good.