Monday, February 28, 2011

Try Wealthy Affiliate for $1

Okay, this is big news. For the first time in over a year and a half, starting March 1, Wealthy Affiliate University is offering a free one-week trial for only $1. That means you can access all of the training modules, community forums, keyword tools and  everything else for an entire week for practically nothing.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2010 and credit it for the near doubling of my online writing and marketing income by the end of 2010 compared to the previous year. For me, the 30 day article marketing club within WA was worth the price of my year's membership by itself. I was able to use what I learned there to boost eHow earnings (three months in a row have been over $2,000!) and dramatically increase my affiliate marketing income through my niche sites.

The point of my Work at Home Mom blog is to help others find legitimate ways to build significant residual income online through writing and marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the best collection of educational resources, training, tools and community I've found. It is both an opportunity for those brand new to online writing to find success, and for those with a  few years' experience to supercharge their income.

I encourage you to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate's free Webinar that will not only show you the inside scoop about this great $1 trail, but also give you many ideas and strategies for building an online income.

Best of luck as you take action to meet your goals!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
I've considered you one of my top five mentors since I began writing for the web just this January 2011. Have you read Rosalind Gardner's eBook "The Super Affiliate Handbook?" I'm halfway through it and at this point I am convinced that it is hands down the best detailed step by step guide to affiliate marketing in existence. While it's true that I am new to the game, I've been watching, reading and learning from the sidelines for quite some time. I genuinely recommend it if you haven't already read it - FWIW, I rarely dole out my hard earned cash to make an unnecessary purchase.


Allie Mae

Maria said...

Allie Mae,

I've seen her book but never purchased it -- I recently saw a review that said it was outdated but I don't know if that is true or not. I would love to hear form someone who has both read her ebook and been a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I wonder if there is enough overlap that one could learn all she needed from one of these sources.

I went with WA because the forum, blogs, and member interaction were important to me in addition to the training and keyword tools -- I like the community of online writers and marketers.

Best of luck on your journey!


Anonymous said...

I just ordered it recently after three months of researching it online (looking for the negative reviews etc.) and I am doing an experiment of sorts by following the step-by-step instructions to a "T." I have not come across any outdated information and it is well known as being the most up-to-date eBook in existence as it is always being updated. That has also been my experience while reading it. If people had read this book pre-panda, they also would not be suffering as many losses post-panda. I believe in smart SEO, writing for people not search engines and that wisdom was also one big thing that stood out to me while reading the book. I have some ideas on you can improve this blog if you's totally up to you, but a fresh perspective is always good to point out things we ourselves do not notice or take into account. Feel free to add me on Twitter or FB to read my personal feedback privately (and free). On Twitter you can find me as "AuntAllieMae."

It is, of course, all up to you! It's your mission, your business after all. There is quite a bit of interaction on Rosalind's websites, and she replies personally to almost every post! That is one reason why she is so successful...out of many.

You have been an inspiration and I do like to pay-it-forward (or backward for that matter). I believe in upholding high level of integrity in web-writing and affiliate marketing. No BS.

Maria said...

Allie Mae, Thanks again for your kind words! I am intrigued by your description of the ebook ... I'll let you know when I have time to read it! Best, Maria