Friday, April 1, 2011

Pets Niche Website Profit Report

In my last post about niche website earnings, I promised to update with March's data once the month closed. As I noted, this particular site tends to see its highest earnings in February through May, with its lowest months in the fall and winter.

In the slow months, I didn't ignore my site. I added a few new pages, created some backlinks and started a Facebook page that links to the site and has generated some conversation on topics of interest to this type of pet owner.  But in March I was busy on other projects, so this is true passive/ residual  income.

It's interesting to see how much the site's traffic and income has grown in the past 12 months -- for contrast, my pets niche site made only $202.81 from Adsense in March 2010; this March it made almost triple that in ad revenue with a healthy $200+ in affiliate commissions as well.

Pets Niche Site Earnings in March 2011

  • Google Adsense:                                                       $586.24
  • Clickbank ebook sales commissions                          $199.03
  • Amazon book product sales commissions                    $19.42
Total                                                                   $804.69 (+$351 over Feb.)

Traffic stats for March : Just over 24,000 visits counting for nearly 68,000 page views.

I'm still working on implementing the improvements I mentioned previously (new website design being paramount), and this week will add Facebook "Like" buttons on my pages to increase social network traffic to the site. With Google's recent algorithm changes, social links seemed to have gained importance. I'm already pleased to see people "liked" the Facebook page I made and socializing on the page. It's a more fun way to bring traffic to the site than just writing content articles, for sure.

If you haven't started a niche site and want recommendations for getting started, check out my new Tools & Training resource page. In a nutshell, that's what I've used to educate myself and build a site that earns. 

Are you working on a niche site? What are your goals for it?


Website Design Philadelphia said...

outstanding results once again. Keep up the great work Maria.

Felicia said...

Nice numbers, Maria. I agree with you, niche sites are the way to go.

Maria said...

Thanks, Adam and Felicia! Now I just need ten more niche sites like this and I'll be set.

Felicia said...

Maria, on my NJFM site I used to keep a running tally of the number of articles I wrote in any given month. Thanks to Panda, my mindset has now changed. My tally now tracks the number of niche sites I create in a month. Articles are nice, but niche sites are better.

Just like with article writing, if you throw enough spaghetti against the wall, something will stick. Since I’m a newbie (sort of) with creating niche sites, I’m using the same tactic that worked for me when I wrote articles. Make a bunch of mistakes up front, learn from your mistakes, make the necessary changes then rinse and repeat.

I have full confidence that you'll duplicate your niche site time and time again.

Alicia James said...

This is great Maria!

Bristolboy said...

These are some amazing numbers - it definitely seems like niche websites are the way to go! I will have to look at doing it. I agree that social links also seem to have higher value now.

Maria said...

Felicia, what about tracking number of articles published on your niche sites in a given month? Overextending myself on new site creation, before exhausting or at least really tapping into the potential of sites already created, has actually held me back. Once I gave my pet site more attention (and ignored a bunch of domains and half built sites for now) it really took off.

Ironically, I do have a post in draft mode about current earnings form various rev-share sites. I still think they can be good for diversification, backlinks, brand recognition etc., but like you I'm primarily focusing on my own sites and info products now.

Alicia, thank you!

BristolBoy, My only caveat is that it takes longer with a new niche site to see results than it does publishing an article on eHow through DS for example. You'll see traffic and earnings pretty quickly form some rev-share articles due to the traffic and ranking of the site, but with your own properties it's a slower process (until they have aged and gained SERP traction). Definitely go for it -- that's just one thing to know ahead of time.

James said...

24000 visits in a month is really impressive - and with only 22 posts. Do you think you could increase your traffic further if you were to double the amount of content on your site? There must be lots of related keywords you could target.

Also, now that you have a template to follow, do you think you could produce a similar site for other dog breeds?

I'm just about to start a new niche site, so any advice would be appreciated.

Maria said...


Thanks for visiting & commenting.

Yes, I do think that more content would bring more traffic and revenue; related keywords I'm working on do have more competition so it will take time to see results.

It's actually not a dog site; another animal entirely!

Edward G Gordon said...

Hi Maria,

I'm a big fan of Felicia's and I can see that you have a similar way of thinking - as regards income generation.

Totally agree with you that it takes time to get traction in the serps, sometimes too long. I also like what Felicia said in her comment about making mistakes - I think that is very valid.(I certainly make enough of them myself)

Anyway, I love reading about SUCCESS, (especially the 24,000 visitors - so jealous)it makes all of our own hard work seem worthwhile especially when we are looking to our own goals & targets.

Best wishes and continued success.