Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Increase Productivity: Go for a walk

Keep your sanity and recharge yourself with a daily walk. Just go, even if you have a pile of work that needs your attention and cranky kids who aren't listening. Bundle them up if it's cold, and get outside. The walk will do wonders for you and for them.
Today, the kids and I went on a short hike down our dirt and gravel road. We didn't quite make it to the lake, more because I was unsure about the hike back up a steep hill with a baby on my back than anything else.
The walk provided an opportunity to learn more about our environment, as we watched buzzards circling overhead and I explained that there was a dead animal in the vicinity. We discussed the leaves covering the forest floor, and the melted snow. My 4-year-old son commented on the neighbors' houses as we passed, listing the occupants he knew.
Yes, I left behind papers that needed grading and articles that begged to be written, but I returned with a peaceful spirit and a sleeping baby. The kids, their energy released, were content to play with Legos as I went back to the computer.

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