Saturday, December 1, 2007

Work from Home Writing eHow Articles

Here's a good side job for work at home writers: eHow. While the upfront pay is nonexistent (payments are made in the month following earnings, and only once $10 or more is due), there is the potential for long-term passive income. Through the Writer's Compensation Program at eHow, writers can earn revenue indefinitely for their articles, according to eHow.

While the specific criteria for earning payment is ambiguous, the more page hits and ad revenue an eHow article generates, the more money the author makes. Writers can track how much each article is earning through their "My Earnings" section of the website.

I wrote my first eHow article (well, the first one under my account) just over a month ago. To date, How to Conceive Twins has earned over $12.

So here's another eHow for you: How to Create Passive Income Writing eHow Articles. Enjoy!

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