Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Chance to Make Money Blogging?

Make Money Blogging: A Golden Opportunity?

Intrigued by a recent post at the WAHM forum, I applied to train for an editor position with a new network of blogging channels, spearheaded by a husband and wife team with an established internet marketing business.

The concept is that each editor will oversee between 10-100 blogs, as part of a team. Editors are responsible for managing their particular channel, but generally hire out to freelancers for blog posts and wouldn't be writing all the content (or any, if she didn't want to) herself.

Since I know that you can indeed make money blogging (see my previous post, "Does Blogging Make Money?") and because I would much prefer a long-term, performance-based income structure over simple paid posting, I am very excited about the possibilities ahead. I had a good feeling about this from the start, and I still do.

However, not everyone saw this opportunity the same way that I did. Another blogger, Dana, was also chosen for an editor position with this new gig. However, she didn't think the offer was as rosy as I did, and left the project. She started a post on the WAHM forum, "A Questionable Gig" to warn other writers about the pitfalls she saw in the blogging opportunity. Dana also discusses the topic in more detail on her writer's blog.

This recent debate brought back memories of my eHow experiment. Back in October, many on the WAHM forum were annoyed by Rich from eHow, who posted several times looking for writers. Many were skeptical, since eHow's criteria is so vague about payment. I'm sure many envisioned earning only pennies for their articles. I decided just to try eHow, with a few articles, and see what happened. Well, my articles have been so successful (one has earned over $100 to date) that I foresee replacing my current main gig simply with the passive income at eHow.

But I digress. My point is, sometimes you just have to make a leap of faith, try something out and evaluate it over time to know how it will work.

There are different criteria each freelance writer uses to determine what projects to look for and what opportunities to accept. We each have our own scam radar, and for each of us, it's a little different. In the end, we all rely on a little gut instinct. I did, in this case, and I am truly confident that I'll be reporting back periodically that my gut was right.

What are your thoughts? Do you make money blogging? I'd love to hear from you ...

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