Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HowHub: "A How-to Community"

I stumbled across a new user-submitted how-to article site, HowHub.

At first glance, HowHub looks like a good way to diversify writing income as well as add another residual income source. I will update as I learn more, but here are some reasons why I am impressed thus far:

  • HowHub was created by the owners of Article Dashboard, an online article database that has seen some success.
  • Writers start off earning 50% of the Adsense revenue generated from their articles.
  • Earnings increase to 100% (yes, that's right, all the earnings!) once a writer has referred 10 active users to HowHub.
Since How Hub's page rank is still lower than eHow's (and likely will be for some time if not indefinitely) I wouldn't reccomend writing just for HowHub, or even primarily. I definitely think eHow has higher overall earning potential. But in addition to diversifying your income sources, How Hub allows you to stand out in your niche on yet another platform.

Also, if you're winning for your eHow article keywords on Google, why not have additional articles with the same keywords on the front page, too? You'll monopolize those particular searches.

I would not advise putting duplicate content up on HowHub, however. Use the same or similar keywords if you like, but rewrite your articles or write new ones to keep the content fresh. Google prefers it.

HowHub articles are not published immediately after submitted; they must first be approved by an editor. Depending on how long this process takes, it could be cumbersome for writers used to the speed of Ehow publishing.

If you decide to give it a try, I'll see you at How Hub!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment and thank you for being a work at home mom and writer. It is such an underated position. I have no children yet, but my self-employment won't change when I do. It feels like the right thing for me, you know? And I will have to check out this site, and yours, too.

Anonymous said...

I also am a stay at home mom with my newborn and have recently started up writing as a content producer and am experimenting with howhub. I am happy for your insight and hope I can benefit from howhub too.