Thursday, October 2, 2008

eHow Earnings Just Shy of $900 for September

My eHow earnings jumped considerably this month, even with little new writing and minimal article promotion (it's been a busy month for this WAHM!). At $892.78, it was my best month of passive income to date.

With 202 published articles, I have just 11 more than I did in August when my earnings were $617 for the month. My article on How to Survive Total Economic Collapse (Google it--it's on the first page of the search results) earned $10 a day during the past week due to the economic turmoil. It was also listed on eHow's front page under "Top 10 eHows," along with my article on How to Earn Extra Money. I am sure that boost helped, in addition to increased searches on these topics.

The following screen shot shows my eHow residuals to date, by month. Click on the photo to see it magnified (and legible!)

I include my earnings information in great detail, as well as my strategy for success, in my eHow eBook. In addition to the residual income from eHow, I also earned several hundred dollars in other sources tied to my eHow articles. Tips on this topic are also included in my book.

I've set up an eHow eBook Affiliate Program and my affiliates have found great success promoting the book on their own blogs and sites, and earning money through these sales. In fact, eBayCoach Suzanne Wells won my September 2008 affiliate contest and a bonus for bringing in the most sales.

Do you write for eHow? How did September treat you? I'd love to have your comments!


The Family CEO said...

Wow! That's fantastic Maria. Congrats!

Ally said...

Wow, that is such a huge jump from August to September on your eHow articles! And it is mostly do to timely articles! Congrats!

I just started on eHow. Well, I started in August. I have been writing one article a weekday, but the last few weeks in September I have been busy so I have been slacking. But I have made $16.53 overall so far with 19 articles! I think that is pretty good, given I just started!

Thanks for all your encouragement!

Felicia said...

Hi Maria,

I purchased your book yesterday and was so blown away that I had to let my readers know all about it in today's post.

Thanks for writing the book and I wish you continued success!

Ryan and Katy said...

WOW! You are now my personal hero. I guess I need to actually do something for eHow. Do you also write for Demand?

Prabu Rajasekaran said...

Congrats, Maria, hope you'll post a similar article every month and more articles about how to start with eHow.
Thank you and all the best.

Vicki Arnold said...

Congrats on the rewards for your work. I had a great idea pop into my head on how to find topics to write about and am going to be jumping in at eHow.

I am one that bought your ebook after Suzanne recommended it. Glad to see I helped her achieve a bonus, she deserves it. :-) Thank you for the advice and inspiration!

the green ninja said...

I can't wait to see what your earnings for October will be!

geske1221 said...

I have been writing for ehow for close to 1 month so far and i have made 74.11 so far. I should make over $150 by the end of the month. Add me if you want to talk strategy.

Gayle said...

Maria--I have been writing for eHow since September 2007. I have 149 articles and in October I made $202.00. But I have just bought your ebook and am hoping to put some of its ideas in my article! I have learned so much and come so far! Thanks for all the encouragement. Coachmac4

Maria said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and you are all doing great! Really, when I started I wasn't making much at all. Gayle--your numbers are very good and I know your earnings will go up! :)

Laura said...

Well done, you fully deserve this money. Your articles are amazing. I am just sorry I am not from the states,so unfortunately I cannot make money from ehow. I really wish they would make it available to those from the UK.