Monday, September 29, 2008

Amazon Affiliate Earnings Higher this Month

My Amazon affiliate earnings are not generally very high--usually about $25-$35 in a given month. Since the recent economic turmoil, they've been on the low side. However, my Hub Pages article on Economic Collapse and my eHow article on Total Economic Collapse have generated dozens of Amazon book sales in the last few days, bringing my monthly Amazon affiliate earnings to over $53 so far. And what are the hottest sellers? Four copies of The Great Bust Ahead, three copies of Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook, and two each of Crash Proof, among several others that sold multiple copies. Someone also bought a fishing tackle set and rechargeable batteries, and another customer chose a $50 Swiss Army pocketknife.

The book topics reveal why I've seen such a jump in sales--the relevant, timely topics pertaining to the economic uncertainty facing the United States and the world.

This sudden jump in Amazon earnings shows that relevant affiliate links in timely content can increase your revenue as a writer and provide your readers with further resources on the topic they are researching--a true win-win situation. While I am sure the economic downturn and financial woes will have a negative impact on over all retail sales, certain niches will still see growth. Market those as you continue to offer your readers quality, relevant content.

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Jill said...

Great idea, using your Amazon account with your articles.

Darren Rowse (problogger) posted a really nice post on using Amazon's affiliate program. "11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates Program" here -

He has even more great ideas for getting the most out of your Amazon affiliate account!