Friday, September 26, 2008

This WAHM is headed to California!

I'm going to California!

One of the companies I write for invited me and about a dozen others to join them in sunny California for a couple days in October. The company is paying for airfare and accommodations, and we'll be spending time learning more about the company and website and new things to come, as well as providing them feedback from a user standpoint.

Of course, there's always a dilemma involved when you're a work at home mom. I love the writing work I do, and am thrilled to be able to produce an income while staying at home with my kids. But when it comes down to it, I'm a mom before I'm a writer, these days.

As thrilled as I was to receive the invitation, and all the while realizing what an honor it is, I still had a hard time deciding about making the trip. Since I'm on the East Coast, the travel time will be lengthy and my kids will certainly miss me (and I them).

Having decided to make the trip, I am really looking forward to the experience and and will certainly post updates here on my blog as time goes on.


Lisa said...

This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Congratulations and have fun!

Maria said...

Thank you, Lisa! I am starting to look forward to the trip!

The Family CEO said...

Hey Maria,

I think I'm going too. Looking forward to meeting you!

Maria said...

Family ceo --YES! I am so happy for you, congratulations! I can't wait to meet you as well!

Single Momma of 4 said...

I know you have tossed this around for quite awhile, and I'm so happy you chose to go! I totally understand your feelings!! Enjoy!