Friday, July 3, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

Just a quick post as I get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July with my family and friends. I hope all my work at home mom friends and fellow residual income entrepreneurs are having a great summer so far.

I've been taking the kids to the pool and to the park a few times a week, and my work schedule is on summer hours ... to tell the truth, I am looking forward to ramping things back up in September when the kids will be in school/ preschool three mornings a week and I'll be hanging out in the coffee shop with my laptop and an organized list of what I plan to accomplish this fall and winter.

Here's an overview of where I am these days:

  • Google adsense earnings have increased for me almost each month and I have made payout two months in a row for the first time (May and June). This has encouraged me to increase my work on my various niche sites and blogs.
  • Still writing eHow articles as time allows and I think of niche titles/ topics not already done to death on the site. Earnings are holding steady but not increasing dramatically.
  • Experimenting with Squidoo, as I mentioned in my last update. I'm having a much harder time getting my Squidoo Lenses indexed by Google than I expected -- eHow has spoiled me.
My goal for the summer is to add a few niche site webpages each week, in addition to several content articles and some backlink building. I also need to monetize my nutrition website and add affiliate products to my niche sites.

What are your summer goals?


mommierose said...

My summer days have been quite lazy too, as far as the writing goes. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Jessie said...

I look forward to hearing more from you at this blog. I want to work toward our goals together. Glad you are enjoying your Summer.
Have a great summer with your girls. I look forward to things being less hectic on my end as well.
- Jessie

The Bedbug Blog said...

My summer goals are to try to take time to enjoy summer before it flies by!

As writers, it's so easy to become so wrapped up in writing that life passes us by.

I find what works well is to set aside Sunday for some R'n'R.

It's always so difficult to stay OFF the computer.