Saturday, July 25, 2009

WAHM from eHow in the News

My friend Candace, who I met at the weHow 2008 event in Santa Monica, CA, is a fellow stay at home mom who uses eHow and her blog to earn extra money from home.

Recently, she was featured on the news in her hometown of Dallas. Here she is:

Isn't Candace poised? I am impressed with her calm confidence, not to mention very put-together look. Go Candace!

You can find her on eHow as CCrock and on Blogger at Smokin' Momma (as in smoking hot).

And here's a picture of us at weHow 2008:
Don't mind the guy in the middle, that's just Richard Rosenblatt, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Demand Media, which owns eHow!


ccrock said...

Hey thanks for the compliments! I was pretty nervous! I am no where near your eHow level yet, you are the MASTER! ;)

Captain eHow said...

Both you and ccrock are awesome and are extremely inspiring. I can't wait to approach those levels of eHow income. I'm currently looking to bring in $60 this August. Feel free to follow my progress at Captain eHow. I know the name's kinda goofy, but I had to do something to stand out among the eHow titans :)

Anonymous said...


I came across your blog while looking at something else. I found myself wondering how I can more or less do the same, and earn some extra cash. How does one start it going?. I hope to hear from you soon.