Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Niche Site in Progress

I'm working on getting a new niche website online, inspired in part by the progress of a pets-themed niche site I started last December. You can read my niche site profit report about that site; in short, I have about a dozen content pages online and it earns around $65 a month. I've added a couple more pages to it recently and monthly earning should increase as those pages are indexed and start to show up in searches.

But anyway, the site I am working on today is on a personal finance topic with a narrow focus. The keyword phrase I use for the URL gets about 176 searches a day and there isn't much competition. I bought the domain and host the site through Hostgator. My strategy has been to go for small niches and win with those. I expect I could get the #1 Google placement for that specific search, as well as several others closely related, within a few months (or maybe less).

The site is built on an HTML static site template, which I broke down and bought for $62 from this template site -- one of the best I've found. The template came with an index page and five versions of secondary pages, and works great in my free html editor (Kompozer). I've bought some very frustrating, hard-to-customize templates in the past from a "bargain" site and I really wasted my money. I also don't like using free templates anymore (my pets site is built on one) because the quality has not been as good and they have links to the template creators which can not be removed.

In addition to Google Adsense, I will include niche affiliate marketing of products on the site. Inspired by the One-Week Marketing course I bought (and blogged about here), I'm including a Clickbank product as part of that monetization model.

Since this personal-finance-related topic gets more searches and ads pay better than the ones for my pets site, I think it will soon earn more per month than the pets site. One of my goals is to get 10 mini niche content sites earning $100 each a month, to add another $1,000 a month to my long-term residual income.

And I should reach that goal by this time next year, while also keeping up with eHow and my blogs ... not to mention the kids ... here's hoping!

Have you had success with a niche content site? I'd love to hear about it!


Josh Popichak said...

Hi Maria,

I was referred to you and your blog by Shane Dayton. I interviewed him (via email) for an article I'm currently working on about people who are earning income by writing for how-to revenue sharing sites like eHow, HubPages, Squidoo, etc. It started out as kind of a small project but it's rather quickly turned into a bigger one, since one thing seems to lead me to another as I research and learn more about this subject. Anyway, to make a long story short, I see that you've written an eBook about creating residual income and building earnings using eHow, so I'd love to pitch a few of my questions to you, if you think you'll have time to answer them. The name of the magazine I write for is "Steve Harrison's Book Marketing Update," and it's a monthly which features how-to articles for authors on marketing, promotion, new trends, etc. I appreciate any help you think you can give me.

Best wishes,
Josh Popichak
Contributing Editor, Steve Harrison's Book Marketing Update

Patrice said...

Great post and very inspiring specially for a work at home mom like me.

The eBusiness Experiment said...

very interesting article and nice blog overall. Can't wait for next posts!

John Of All Trades said...

Thank you so much for writing a wealth of useful information! I have been working on my blog for nearly 2 months now as well as Ehow. I too hope to earn over $1000 in residuals at some point.

C.C. said...

You are an inspiration! I can't wait to hear how the niche sites work out. Even with a new baby nothing can slow you down!

Workfromhomemembership said...

A constant flow of visitors is clearly what is keeping you income from those pages so consistent.
you are right in that all you need to do is to create more pages, and that you are using keywords that are busy but not competitive is perfect. well done - and good luck.
Rob Anderson

Jessica said...

Wow, you're keeping busy! I would love to earn residue income. I tried writing but I get burned out really quickly. I am working on a writing job right now and I think this is the last one I'm doing. I don't have the energy or time to write. I think it's amazing that you're earning money this way! Good Luck and I can't wait to see how things turn out with your pet niche website.

FastEasy Income said...

Thank you so much for writing a wealth of useful information! I have been working on my blog for nearly 2 months now as well as Ehow. I too hope to earn over $1000 in residuals at some point.