Friday, October 16, 2009

Bukisa Article Earnings Update

I decided to experiment with Bukisa almost a year ago (see eHow vs. Bukisa), when the site was still fairly new and unknown in the writing/ online marketing world. I tried writing several articles from the get-go to see how they would do, and was impressed by the site's structure and potential.

My strategy with Bukisa, after trying the site and doing my homework on its reputation, was to spread the word among my work at home mom friends and various online networks (such as Facebook and Twitter) to build my network. Since Bukisa compensates writers for referring others to the site, it pays to build your network from the start. Network earnings are pure passive income -- you don't have to write or promote anything to see income from your referred members.

My Bukisa Stats

Articles published: 13
Content earnings: $45
Network earnings: $364

My Bukisa earnings to date: $409
Of my own content, the top earner to date is "Free Budget Worksheets." While per-article earnings are lower than my eHow average, I have so few articles on Bukisa it's hard to make an accurate comparison. It's certainly true that eHow has site traffic and page rank that beat Bukisa hands down, but with time I think Bukisa will move up in the ranks and earnings will also increase, perhaps impressively.

Also, Bukisa is a good alternative place to post deleted eHow articles, as long as they are quality content and worth republishing.

Have you published content on Bukisa? What's your experience been so far?


Gayle said...

Maria--I signed up under you and got 2 people under me--but my earnings never took off. I made payout once in the 10 months I was on there. I don't know what the difference was, but I didn't spend too much time there--happy it worked for you!

Maria said...

Gayle -- I think one of the best strategies on Bukisa is to write articles that get high traffic rather than high cost ads, as you are paid by views and not ad revenue per se. Also, with time the site will become more profitable, so I think it's worth sticking around. :)

Lexy said...

I see my earning increase. I just need to write more content.

James said...

Hi, great post, do you have any updates for us? I would love to see how your income has increased. I have recently signed up but torn as to whether to post my articles there or on hubpages?

Maria said...

James, my August 2010 earnings were $53.27. My all-time Bukisa earnings are $1,019.79 and again, most of that is from my network earnings.