Saturday, October 24, 2009

eHow Anniversary: 2 Years, 2.3 Million Views

Today marks the second anniversary of the date I first created an eHow profile, WriterGig, and clicked publish on my first eHow article. What an adventure it's been! What started out as a casual experiment introduced me to the very real concept of residual income and led to a complete shift in my business model and life as a work at home mom.

My post Work from Home Writing eHow Articles was the first time I blogged about writing for eHow, about a month and a half after I started on the site. I had already seen the earnings potential and encouraged my fellow writers and work at home moms to give eHow a try. Needless to say, I'm glad I gave it a go.

Eight of the articles I wrote in late 2007 have earned over $100 each; several of those have more than $500 apiece accumulated thus far ... and continue to earn. Compare that to most of the writing freelancers do on a daily basis for one-time pay that's not always very good -- this is why I do virtually no conventional freelancing at this point: I've transitioned to writing primarily for "myself" and retaining rights, and the resulting revenue, to my work.

I have tried several revenue-sharing content sites and while each has its own merits, eHow remains my top site for residual earnings on a per-article basis. Its age, page rank, site layout and article/ ad format create a combination that is favorable to writers and allows me to spend more time writing and less time on promotion. The fact that I have received 2,369,954 page views to date is a testimony to eHow's ranking as a site (and of course, keyword research and basic search engine optimization on my part).

Last year, I attended weHow, the 2008 eHow User Event held in Santa Monica, CA and had a wonderful time, as well as received the Top Earner community award -- it was a thrill! This year, I won a place on the trip through the Passionate Project People contest for my "I Did This Project" on making window cornice boards. I was really excited about the trip this year, which was held in San Francisco this past week, but was unfortunately unable to attend due to the timing.

As part of my eHow adventure, in 2008 I wrote my eHow eBook, How to Earn Passive Income on, in response to the many inquires I received from other writers and work at home moms who wanted to know how to succeed on eHow. It remains a strong seller to this day, further increasing my eHow-related income while giving others valuable information.

How has your experience been with eHow so far? If you're not on the site, why not? Would love to hear your thoughts!


johnny said...

is eHow only good for US citizens?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Alex and I live in Canada, Montreal. Though ehow is only available to americans, or at least only americans aparently can take part in the revenue sharing. Would love to join ehow but pretty much have to stay with hubpages. Though I'm glad everything works well for you. Also isin't that 70% adsense adshare better than what you get on ehow? km taking same keywords with let's say both 10k pageviews... which one would make more? although ehow is a bit easier to rank than hubs, but that apart which earns more? thx

Melissa said...

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary, Maria. I'm coming up on my one year and while I haven't had quite as much success as you, I'm happy to report I've been bringing in $300+ for the past two months. What's even more impressive, to me, about that is I haven't written an ehow article since the beginning of September. (I've been trying to get established in the Examiner community, so I'm taking an ehow break.) Although, as my husband pointed out, the problem with Examiner is, "You actually have to do work." I had to if all the passive residuals from ehow just come to my PayPal account with no work. Just no work now, a lot of work in the past year. Thanks again for all your inspiration, information and advice!

Coupon Codes said...

eHow is great for building residual income! It's nice to have those PayPal payments coming in long after the work has been done.

Rosa Zerkle said...

I'm brand new to eHow and got your e-book right as I was starting out. I'm so glad I plopped down the 25 bucks! Great information. So far, I am at 4.68 with only 10 articles live. One of my holiday pieces has hit number 6 in the eHow search ranking for its particular keyword. Not bad for a newbie, eh??

Bryce Christiansen said...

I just started ehow last week and have 10 articles. I have read up on keyword optimization for Ehow from several successful editors, worked on finding good CPC words, and made sure the articles targeted the correct advertising. I have only one article that has brought in .49 so far, but have read that it takes about 30-60 days for the optimization to fully work.

My username is the same as the one here. Is there anything you can see that I can do better, or is this something I just need to keep doing and in a few months it will most likely pick up?

Anonymous said...


I began publishing articles on eHow several years ago. I received compensation for the scandal where they published material on a clone site which they did not compensate for.

When eHow was bought by Demand Media I stopped publishing there as the profit ratio of my time investment declined below acceptable levels. I had several hundred articles up by then at that location.

I get approximately 1,000 views a day on my material at eHow, for approximately $55 a month. It pays my internet bill.