Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wealthy Affiliate: Day 1

Two years after first reading about Kyle and Carson's forum and online course for internet marketers, I finally subscribed for one year. The time was right: I trusted the most recent source who recommended them, I have the money to re-invest in my online business, and I'm ready -- more than ready -- to take my affiliate income to the next level.

That, and the price, which has been $39/ month for years now, even though the site has been continually updated and improved, is doubling on June 7. By subscribing now, I locked in the current rate for all future renewals. And that benefit was enough to motivate me to make the leap now ... not after I finished another website of my own, not after the kids are back in school after the summer, not after I meet another income goal, but now: today.

The few hundred dollars I make per month in affiliate commissions (my highest month was close to $1,000 in affiliate earnings) pale in comparison to the success stories from Kyle and Carson's forum. Top earners, who started out with less knowledge than I have at present, earn impressive six-figure incomes every year.

Sure, I could spend years and countless hours learning the ins and outs of top-tier affiliate marketing myself, but paying for a resource like this just makes sense. My time is precious; as much as I enjoy my work, I am always cognizant of how precious these days are with my young children. Any resource that helps me to be more productive in less time is worth its weight in gold.

Over the coming days, I'll share with you what I discover within the walls of the Wealthy Affiliate University. Hopefully I'll be able to explain enough about it so you'll know -- before June 7 -- whether it's a resource you want to use for your online marketing business.

Have you tried the WA program?

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Katrina said...

Are they going to offer the old price anytime soon? I just missed the deadline!