Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wealthy Affiliate: Day 5 -- hey, this is fun!

It's day five, lesson three for me at Wealthy Affiliate University and I am having so much fun! Yes, I'm following the course and it's "work," but honestly, I am really excited to get out of bed at 5 am so I can get started on it each morning. And now I sneak in some work time after the kids are in bed, and sometimes during their nap/quiet time, just to explore the WA resources further or work on my tasks that go with each lesson.

Being part of the WA community, even for just these few days, has gotten me out of my rut and excited about my niche sites again. There is so much I've been overlooking, by moving on to other niches before I've even tapped a fraction of the potential already there. I finally have a focus when it comes to niche internet marketing; the blueprints to make my online work truly successful... and enjoyable once again.

I think it's easy to get into a rut, or become discouraged, when your focus is unclear or you're trying to do too many things at once without a set plan. If this is the case for you, like it has been for me for a few months, consider joining me at WA. So far, it's the best investment I've made all year. And unlike stocks, I expect it to be a profitable one.

So here's to having fun and working at the same time -- what a concept!


AmazingSurplus said...

good luck with WA university. good program for true beginners, but hopefully you find some useful stuff after a few month. would love to hear about your long-term experiences with WA.

Kidgas said...

It's great that you have focus and purpose. It can be difficult to accomplish anything when you feel like you are in an emotional rut. I wish you the best with your goals and Wealthy Affiliate.

Maria said...

Thanks! I am breezing through the early lessons but find that there are so many in-depth resources available in the training center that I am both challenged and educated by the material.

Thanks, Kidgas! I don't think it was an emotional rut so much as a lack of direction in deciding the next steps for my business. :)