Thursday, October 14, 2010

WA Article Club: Inside Scoop

I recently joined a one-month WA Article Marketing Club when it was offered to Wealthy Affiliate members who wanted to learn the ins and outs of article marketing from the ground up. For this club, we each created new blogs using Wordpress Express and are promoting them through free sites such as Ezine Articles, Articlesbase, and other article directories. While these blogs all promote Wealthy Affiliate, the method can be applied to any niche.

Article marketing has never been something I've done in earnest for a particular campaign. With eHow articles, it really wasn't necessary, and I never realized how powerful an article marketing campaign can be for backlinks and traffic. In the WA article club, we write and publish about two articles off-site for every one post or page we publish on our blogs. Each of the two articles is tightly related to the topic of the blog post, and links directly to it as well as to the blog's home page.

This is a whole new method of backlinking for me, as I previously added backlinks rather sporadically and had only ever written a handful of articles for article databases. For instance, I created my Ezine articles account in 2008, but I've added more articles in the past week than I had in the previous two years put together.

In addition to the article marketing, the club has shown me a new way to set up Wordpress blogs, where there is a separate page for the blog posts as well as pages for FAQ, About, and other key pages. I hadn't known you could have your blog posts show up anywhere other than the front page... yes, I was a little behind the times.

After completing the 30-days tasks for my new Legit Work at Home blog, I will repeat the process for my pets niche site and my food niche site, both of which have shown great potential already (the pets one earns over $250 a month with the minimum effort I've put forth). I will update about their progress after completing the article club steps for these sites -- I'm really excited to see how it works out.

What are you working on? Have you done article marketing to promote your website or blog? I'd love to hear your experiences...


Join The Office Revolt said...

Good stuff! I love to see people taking action, explaining what they did and what they thought about the experience.

Sounds like a good plan with article marketing, and I cant wait to see your results.

Personally, I have been working my 9-5 (More like 8-6) and then busy as heck in the evenings working on side projects. I know you have visited my blog, and I am way past due on an update of what I am up to. Basically, I have been building websites for clients and trying to figure out the outsourcing game. I will be posting about my experience when I get a chance to come up for air.

Good luck with the article marketing efforts!

JadeDragon said...

Interesting to watch your growth on WA. I know you will do well. There is a lot of merit to focusing on one niche until you have it really working well. A person could write a whole bunch of articles on different topics each of which does nothing, or focus on building a tight business where the content all links together. I'm somewhere in between right now. I stick mostly to writing about passive income opportunities but also throw out articles on other topics for revenue share. Did you see how BesT Reviewer can be used for link stacking? That would be really useful to drive traffic to your niche site. Here is a link to my article on it:

Maria said...

The article marketing is really paying off, most notably with $80 in ebook sales in a pets niche one day last week (I haven't had a chance to blog about this but sent an email about it to my subscriber list).

I never realized how powerful good quality inbound links can be for increasing a niche site's profitability.

JadeDragon -- I saw an email from the BestReviewer site developers but hadn't pursued it yet. I will check out your articles about it. :)

jsevenup said...

Hi Maria,

I'm getting back in the saddle for making money online. Been through a long journey of grief, but need to get back at it.

What is your name on Ezine or can you link to some of your articles there? Thanks!

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks for the good stuff Maria! You are my role model!