Thursday, October 28, 2010 = Traffic, Sales is my new best friend -- or, at least, my new favorite site. I've started using this online article directory to publish articles that link to my niche sites and blogs. While I created my account over two years ago, I only had a couple articles there and didn't realize what I was missing.

One of the articles I wrote last week is already in number-one position in the search results for its keywords and has received 96 views already. It links to my pets niche site, which earns money through Adsense and affiliate commissions for Amazon products and a pet-specific ebook through Clickbank.

As a direct result of my recent articles published on, I've seen:
  • A WA membership sale ($40)
  • Four pets niche ebook sales ($80)
  • Slightly increased Adsense earnings
  • More traffic to my sites
This is after writing articles on EzineArticles for only two weeks. The real benefits are probably a few months out, and will hopefully grow over time as more people find, link to and republish these articles.

After publishing my initial 10 articles, awarded me "Platinum" writer status, which means I can now write an unlimited number of articles and my articles are reviewed within a day, instead of the 7-day wait experienced as a Basic level author. I do have several author names under one account, using various pen names for different niches. So while I have 14 articles live on the site, an individual author profile may only show a handful of these.

Because is well loved by Google and has great page ranking, your articles there will receive exposure and provide high-quality backlinks to the site or blog you link to in your author bio. Backlinks are an essential ingredient in your online writing success -- don't overlook this important aspect.

Are you writing articles on What has your experience there been like?


Alicia James said...

This is great. I used EzineArticles for backlinking last year. Looks like I need to start it up again.

jsevenup said...

Thanks for this update on Ezine, Maria. I wondered what name you use there because I have used a couple of names for writing sites and was worried it would decrease my audience.

I also wanted to ask you if should use word press or blogger for may main domain page that will link to other niches? The affiliates I am trying to get linked up with at CJ, reject me because I don't have my own site or maybe it's the low traffic I have had due to being absent? I just bought my domain name today. Thanks!

Maria said...

jsevenup -- Great to see you again! I do try to keep the same name everywhere but requires a real-sounding name and "WriterGig" wouldn't work for that site. :)

I would use a self-hosted WordPress blog. When i started using Blogger so many years ago, I didn't think I'd ever do much with a blog and had no idea how to buy a domain or set up WordPress. Today, I would do it differently -- and i am, with my other blogs and sites. :)

Best of luck!

Kidgas said...

I have one article at ezinearticles so as you can tell, I don't use them all that often. I suppose it would be different if I had my own site to which I was trying to drive traffic. Since that isn't the case, I see little use for writing an article that won't directly lead to revenue when I could do that at another site with AdSense sharing.

Alicia James said...

Hey Maria,
In reference to jsevenup's question, I noticed that you said that you would use a self-hosted blog. Blogger is free hosting. Why do you think that self hosting is better or why did you decide to self host?

jsevenup said...

Thanks Maria, I will do that and I have a few articles at Ezine. I like the traffic they get. God bless your journey! :)

Tommy1951 said...

I have just started to write articles for Ezinearticles as part of an SEO campaign. I help run a wedding event venue in Birmingham and have written an article about how to save money on alcohol on your wedding that has been accepted. Thanks for your website and the ability to comment! Tom

Join the Office Revolt said...

Fantastic! Always good to see an immediate benefit to your work... I agree with you, this will pay even bigger dividends in the future. Great post!

Just Another Mom of 2 said...

Oh wow, that's such great advice- what a big increase that Ezine caused! Sounds like a great resource when trying to grow your articles- thanks for sharing!

Sharla said...

Have been missing your month earnings summaries and check back often as your tips have been really helpful to me as I am just starting out.