Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crazy High eHow Earnings

Residual income from my eHow articles hit an all-time high in November 2010, with a combined total of over $3,000 from my WriterGig account, Demand Studios residuals, and another very small profile. My WriterGig profile alone brought in an eye-popping $2,870.42 USD in November and is already over $2,600 so far in December. These earnings come from just 390 articles, written between Oct. 2007 and April 2010.

This fairly impressive increase in revenue (some 7 months after eHow stopped allowing writers to contribute new articles) resulted, in my estimation, from a few particularly popular seasonal articles in conjunction with a back-linking campaign I started in September. [I wrote articles for Ezine Articles and several other article directory sites, and linked to particular eHow how-tos in my author bio at the end of these article submissions.]

These two high months bring my 2010 eHow earnings  to over $20,000 -- not bad for what amounts to almost entirely passive income from articles that have long since paid me for my time invested. Isn't that incredible? I sincerely wish I had written hundreds more eHow articles when I still had the chance, before the Writers Compensation program was closed to new articles.

While eHow is not the opportunity for making money online that it once was, since nobody new can join and no new articles can be submitted (except through a Demand Studios account), it is still possible to increase your eHow earnings as I have done and as David Sarokin has in the past few months as well (his recent $2k+ eHow month inspired me to shoot for one myself).

Have you seen an increase in eHow earnings recently? Will you give backlinking a try to improve your earnings at eHow and elsewhere?


Craftdrawer said...

Congratulations! It is nice to learn about another writer's success! Hope you have a wonderful 2011!

Christina Crowe said...

That's amazing, Maria! Keep it up.

You're not alone when you mention your eHow income increase. Strangely, my income has been increasing phenomenally over the past few months - and I haven't been doing much to them to encourage the increase, so it's really mind boggling.

At the moment, I'm working on backlinking my eHow articles more, so hopefully that will help me get into the 1k a month club.

Best of luck!


Kidgas said...

Mostly, my eHow earnings have remained fairly consistent between $10-$20 per month for my 38 articles. I don't do anything at all with the site except check stats every 4 or 5 days. I have been working mainly with HubPages trying to build up my traffic and income there although it has been slow. I suspect that is due to my own amount of effort and am hoping to be able to rectify that in 2011.

Deanna said...

Congrats on the earnings at eHow. My earnings are also up about 18% over November. I've seen an increase each month since August. Like you, I wish I'd added many more articles to eHow before it shut down. I am now submitting WCAs to eHow through DS - and the earnings there are good too. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful 2011. :)

Alicia James said...

All I can say is Wow and Congrats!

Tammy Frost said...


Peg said...

Wow, fabulous news, Maria! I've thought about writing eZine Articles and now I have to try it. I'm still making under $600 per month from my 311 eHow articles, but I would love to bump it up to MORE! You're a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your secrets and what works for you!

Gayle said...

Maria--My eHow earnings have doubled in December. I haven't been promoting or anything! Something good is happening! Congrats on your wonderful income. You so deserve it!

Maria said...

Thanks, everyone!

Christina -- that great you're seeing such an increase in your earnings. I am sure back-linking will help get you over the hump to a higher earning bracket -- keep at it!

Kidgas -- Glad you're finding success at HubPages. I have a few Hubs there (some badly in need of updating) and think it's a great site, lots of potential if you put in the effort.

Deanna, Lovely! Upward trends are always good when it comes to earnings. ;)

Peg, You can def. increase it if so many others' experiences are any indication! Good luck in 2011. :)

Gayle -- that's great! Do you have a bunch of seasonal articles to explain the increase?

Amanda L Grossman said...

That is fantastic!

Have you thought about starting on Infobarrel?

Maria said...

Amanda, I was actually one of the first writers to join InfoBarrel when it first started.

However, I haven't found that it has nearly the earnings potential eHow does, so writing for eHow through DS would be superior, in my experience.

HubPages and Squidoo are also better platforms than InfoBarrel, in my estimation, but every writer has his own preferences. I f you are doing well there keep at it!

Sam said...

This is great stuff Maria!

I also have seen an increase, but I am still in the double digits. However, this month's earnings have been more than any other month I've had since I first joined early 2008. I have not been backlinking, but now I am thinking I should!

Joyce T. Mann said...

Quite impressive> I am seeing an increase in my eHow earnings since joining List My Five and providing backlinks. Still learning, as are we all! Happy 2011!

Marlene said...

Congrats! You are an inspiration. I am simply amazed at how many articles you have managed to write. I complain all the time about not having enough time to work online. In the new year, I definitely plan to focus more on building up my online income. I hope that you continue to have success.

Sharla said...

That is incredibly impressive! Congratulations on your writing success and thank you for being willing to share your earning is so encouraging to those of us starting out.

RyanSmoot614 said...

I was wondering if you could help me with increasing my earnings. I have about 398 articles which I wrote just about all of in December of 2009 into the spring... My earnings at one time were going up and I hit about $140 but now they fluctuate... I thought I would be making over $200 by now. If you could respond or send me a email with some advice at then that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Amy said...

Hi Maria,
This is so awesome! Oh how I wish I would have written more than my 126! I am still making several hundred per month off just the 126 and I am thrilled with that!
Thanks for putting your numbers out there and inspiring us all!
I just started a blog if you want to check it out:

Take care,
Amy (gracie from eHow)

beachmom said...

I bought your ehow ebook and you taught me what I needed to get stared in this business!I started out in ehow, and my earnings from that site continue to grow. I now own and I couldn't be happier to stay at home with my 4 children! Thank you so much. You have made such a difference. Keep up the good work!

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks for sharing all your awesome info! I did decide I wanted to try to double my online income this year if possible, but I was going to do it by doubling the amount of content I have, I think I'll spend some time first building backlinks and promoting my current content and then work on adding more content as well. Thanks! I would LOVE to make it into the 1000k a month club! Last month I was half way there!