Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Niche Site Profits in May 2011

The numbers are in for my niche website earnings in May. Since I'm working to replace my eHow earnings of about $3,000 a month, I check these stats at the end of every month to see how I'm doing.

Over the past month, I added a few pages to my pets site and a couple posts to my home/ family blog. I added a backlink to my home/ family blog through eZine Articles, but that was at the very end of May.

Here's how my two best-earning websites are doing:

Pets niche site

Adsense   $431.31
Clickbank  $20.02
Amazon    $15.90

Total $467.23

Home/ Family blog
PCo Affiliate $205.08      $64.78
Clickbank  $21.24
Adsense   $13.60

Total $304.70

Combined earnings for both sites together was $771.93. In the grand scheme of things, these numbers are not gigantic -- but on the other hand, I'm greatly encouraged by the results as I can see the potential they both have for future earnings as I increase content, improve their look and navigation, and build social network and search engine traffic.

Have you been working on a website or blog? Are you happy with the results so far?


Kidgas said...

I have been working on a couple sites. I am pleased with the early results as far as traffic is concerned but haven't really earned much yet. I figure it will take to the end of the year to make any consistent money. I need to get more search traffic.

Carla E. said...

Not bad! What are you doing to earn money with Click bank? I would like to know more about this affiliate program.

Kelly said...

As with anything it takes time. Panda hit the sites that I wrote for pretty hard, so I'm trying to focus on my own sites now.

Tam Rich said...

I too am a newbie to the trying to make money online thing. Am making insignificant amount, but when I figure it out....Watch out!!!