Monday, June 13, 2011

Residual Income Report May 2011

 May was a great month for residual income, beating out April's earnings by more than $550, despite lower Adsense earnings due to the seasonal nature of my pets site (it tend to peak in March - April every year). The increase was due to higher afiliate sales at, which i explain in more detail below.

I added a couple more pages to my pets site and expect next year to be excellent, with even higher traffic and earnings than these past few months. As for the home/ family site, I keep adding a few blog posts every month and will be focusing more on it this fall, since fall and winter are the best time of year for this particular topic.

May Residual Writing Income
  •     $1,060.81
  • Adsense   $530.72
  • PCo Affiliate $205.08
  • Amazon    $150.85 
  • WA affiliate  $89.00
  • Demand Studios residuals   $88.20
  • NB commissions $49.90
  • clickbank $41.26 
  • Squidoo    $5.66 
  • Misc         $1.20 
 Total $2,222.76

As you might have seen from my earlier post about my niche blog income for May, my two best-earning sites made $771.93 combined. The rest of my passive income for the month ($1438.53) is from Adsense on other, smaller blogs and niche sites, as well as HubPages and Squidoo royalties, and affiliate commissions via my older Demand Studios and eHow articles.

When I first started writing for eHow's WCP and Demand Studios, there were no rules against affiliate links in the resources section, so I added a couple topic-specific ones to each of my articles. Even though the articles are no longer mine, they continued to earn money for me this past month -- I had two $400+ sales days in May thanks to my old eHow articles via links.

But as you might surmise, I can't depend on affiliate sales form those old articles lasting for any time -- they could be gone tomorrow as I no longer control the articles or their links.  That's why it's doubly important for me to build up the income through my sites, blogs and other projects.

Are you building up your online passive income? How did you do in May?


Elizabeth Barry said...

Seeing your numbers really gives me hope and inspiration! Thanks for posting!

Jerry Katz said...

That's Great! But unfortunately for me, I don't have any luck at all with google adsense,

Peg said...

Wow, impressive as usual, Maria! My online earnings have slowed way down but it's more incentive to get busy/stay busy writing articles, blog posts, and working on my Web site. I'm doing article marketing, writing related articles and linking to my Copy Editing Forum Web site, about one a week so far. Your numbers are inspiring for sure!

Joey Brown said...

You inspire me a lot and yes, I'm building a couple of niche sites and also write for two residual sites. I'm looking forward to my new niche site which is much needed in this subject. I will keep you posted and thanks for being such a mentor to all of us!

G Taylor said...

Hi Maria,

How about writing an ebook about how to build and monetize a niche blog?

When I was just getting into Rev Share, I bought your eHow ebook and it was great. There are a lot of ebooks out there, but many times, the writing is poor, and the author can't get the point across adequately. But you - you can.

I'd be first in line to buy your book.

Thanks for all your help.


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