Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Working on an eBook

I made the plunge--I started writing my own eBook.

I didn't start writing because of all the hype about about eBooks and insane profits. No, this eBook came to me, I promise.

After fielding dozens of private messages and forum questions about online earnings and how to make money writing online, I decided to put it all together in a book. So that's what I'm working on -- an eBook on freelance online writing. it's actually more specific than that, but I won't spill the beans till it's ready. I'm hoping it will be fast to write so I can get back to my other writing projects.

I'm also hoping that an eBook will increase both my passive income and my writing income bottom line. I've had a successful work at home experience so far and would be thrilled to increase income, especially given the rising costs of everything.

I'm using some of the resources at All Freelance Writing's 14-Day eBook Challenge. While the challenge was months ago, the information is very timely for me.

I'll document my progress and eBook marketing ideas here, so check back for more posts on my eBook.

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Dana Prince said...

That's wonderful! Best of luck with it.