Friday, April 25, 2008

Keeping Kids Busy ... While I Work

While my older son and daughter were playing in the playroom, K, 1 year, decided he'd help me type. After futile attempts to distract him, I brought K to the play room and set him up with a few toys.

I returned to my desk and enjoyed a couple minutes of quiet as I worked on a new article.

"Mama." I looked up and saw my oldest in the doorway. His voice was shaky but determined.

"Mama. I am not a daycare."

Now that my son is almost five, he's becoming more interested in intricate toys. And my one-year-old just isn't up to speed on the ways of legos and Playmobil, wreaking havoc on J's setups. Sigh.

I've never tried KNEX, but since Mommy Know How is holding a contest to give a set away, I had to enter. Who knows, maybe we'll win it, and I can bribe J to play with K. You know, that's easier than daycare.

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Julie said...

My son loves Knex and has been playing with them since he was 4. It was a bit harder for him then. Hes now 7. However it did keep him busy for a long time. I hope you win! Julie - couponsavingfamily