Monday, June 16, 2008

My eHow Earnings eBook is Done!

I finished and published my first eBook!

How to Earn Passive Income at Residual Income for Web Content Writers

is now available at

Five people have already purchased the book, and I hope they have found it helpful. I wish I'd had the information in there a year ago when I first began my online writing career. Writing for has been a huge motivator for me to work toward building passive income streams.

For me, passive income is pure gold ... I keep earning money long after I've completed the work. This is great as a work at home mom, because it allows me to spend more time with the kids when they need me.


amylaine said...

WriterGig, I just wanted to say you have been a great help in learning how to earn the most possible at ehow. Since I have taken your advice I have really seen a difference in my earnings. I am still working on the advice you gave me, so I am excited to see the outcome in the months to come. Thanks again, amylaine.

Maria said...

Amy, You are welcome! Thanks so much for your feedback. I really hope you continue to do well with eHow. It's great to build up your residuals that way.