Monday, June 16, 2008

Passive Income through Affiliate Programs

Some of my passive income this month has been through affiliate programs, which was very encouraging (and exciting!) for me. One of the sales was for SiteBuildIt, which is a great website building program and educational course for creating successful websites. I have Site Build It! for my nutrition website and love it. That sale earned me about $75.

Then, I received emails on June 11 and June 15 from Implix letting me know someone had purchased eBook Gold through my affiliate link, for a total of $67 in affiliate sales commissions.

This is one of the things I love about making money online ... I am not a saleswoman by any stretch of the imagination in person, but with my words and an unobtrusive text link, written months ago and posted online, I earned over $140 with no further effort.

Here is one of the ads generated through my Implix affiliate account:

Turn your brain food into a $300 a day income stream, fast and easily. Click here to discover how.

But to be honest the ad that brought me both my June sales was simply "eBook Gold Writer Home" in an article about using eBook Gold. If you're interested in becoming an Implix affiliate, please click that link to sign up and then email me for tips and ideas on getting started. That's another great thing about this affiliate program--you earn a small amount for sales through affiliates directly under you.

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The Family CEO said...

Writergig, where are you placing your affiliate links? Are they in articles or do you have websites?