Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Frugal Homesteading Blog is Live

I've started a Frugal Homesteading blog and while I'm not thrilled with the current WordPress theme, I'm happy to have it online and plan to post daily. I'll be building up this blog for eventual monetization (you know I love multiple income streams) but I also really have a passion for the topic, which is why I chose it.

The blog will encompass a wide variety of areas, from personal finance and frugality to cooking natural foods from scratch and raising chickens for meat and eggs. I think, with the current economic downturn, combined with skyrocketing food and energy prices, that these topics are very timely.

My most recent post is titled Local Food: The Key to Surviving Record Gas Prices. I'm planning to take the kids cherry picking at the local orchard on Friday, so I'll have to post about the experience after we get back.

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