Monday, December 8, 2008

Bukisa Earnings: Report from Month One

My Bukisa earnings are impressive to me considering the number of articles I have on the site, Bukisa's young age and the amount of traffic on the site (it's not terribly high yet). I joined Bukisa on November 8, 2008, and wrote five pieces of content, which have simply been sitting there for the past few weeks.

I also promoted my sign-up link in order to build my network, which is now 50-members strong, although only about half have contributed content and earned money. I think that building a strong network is key to Bukisa success, as it is a secondary income stream that could easily rival or beat the earnings from your own content.

Following is a screen shot of my Bukisa after one month:

For five pieces of content on a new site, $17.20 is excellent. That is a better outcome than my HubPages and Associated Content experiments. The network potential is one of Bukisa's main attractions to me. That, coupled with the ability to create in-text links in my articles, is why I've diverted some of my online writing time to this new start-up site.

The only negative aspect of Bukisa, as I see it, is the "Index" that can change and which determines pays per view. Since some writers socially promote the heck out of their articles, bringing the less-quality traffic that rarely clicks ads or follows through, the overall profitability of the traffic goes down and the Index -- which went from 4.2 down to 3. 95 over the last month -- changes to reflect that. Personally, I did not use social promotion on any of my Bukisa articles -- social promotion has its place, but not for your average content articles. Save the Stumbles and Diggs for your stellar pieces.

Are you on Bukisa? What do you like -- or dislike -- about the site?


jen brister said...

So far, I've really enjoyed writing at Bukisa. You have 50 people in your network?! That's awesome. I have three so far. How much of your earnings are from your page view and how much is from your network?

Erica said...

Hi, I just joined Bukisa and can see the potential too, I did a review recently...

I haven't tried any of the other sites, but early calculations are promising (I'm Eccy100 on there btw).

Your point about the Bukisa index, and stumblng are valid, we'll need to see how it pans out.

Anonymous said...

I am also curious how Bukisa will do in the long run. I think it is promising.

Pat with SPI said...

Hey that's great! Have you actually gotten paid for it yet though? I heard through the grapevine that they have yet to pay their writers, which makes me a little iffy.

That was a while ago and I know the site is fairly new. Just haven't heard anything since.

Keep chugging you'll double your income soon enough!

Blondiewrites said...

So far, I have 24 people in my netwrok and some of them have many people in their network. I started under you Maria and posted 10 articles. I am at $13.94. of course, I have one network person that has some incredible content and he is making me a good deal of money.

I am glad that I got in early, it seems to be going somewhere. I also joined allvoices and have three articles posted, but I am in the early stages with them. Here is one article I did that I hoope will get me close to earning some money.


seeboo said...

I have hundreds of articles on bukisa and barely make a few dollars a month. It's kind of a ripoff if you ask me.

naomi johnson said...

I didn't know their pay was that good. I used to think about joining associated content but didn't have the time for sign up process and waiting and them all. Thanks for this report, I will take a look at bukiska.

typy said...

I join it and i enjoy, bukisa is really useful and interesting ! Networking is the futur of the web ! Earning money is not easy as we can imagine but you are in the right way !