Saturday, December 6, 2008

My First Commission Junction Payment

At the end of November, I received my first Commission Junction payment of $111.81. While I had earned few small commissions earlier in the year, has a minimum payout of $50. Thus it was not until my sales really took off in October that I earned enough for payout.

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Commission Junction has an application process, and you need to have a website or blog to apply. I am not sure how strict they are when processing applications; I used one of my niche sites that had 30 content pages at the time and very little advertising (just some Amazon links).

Once you are approved and become a CJ publisher, you can create multiple channels using your content article profile link and links to your other blogs or sites. You just need a good site to help you get your foot in the door, so to speak.

While commission vary, most of my sales this past month were for 10% commission. I also had two $7.50 commissions for providing leads to a tutoring site, who pays based on people who sign up through an affiliate's link.

There are CJ advertisers who offer high commissions, in the 20% and higher range, but some of those are quite seasonal or for items harder to sell. The products with the best conversion rates typically have lower percentage commissions.

As a CJ publisher, you have to apply for each company whose products you want to sell. Some approve you automatically, and others have a more extensive review process.

I was quite please to receive my first Commission Junction payment, and look forward to the next one -- happily, I have reached the minimum for payout again.

If you are a CJ affiliate, what products do you sell? If you haven't tried CJ, what's holding you back?


Peter Lee said...

Hi Maria,
Congratulations on your CJ first commission. I'm thinking of joining CJ too. How long did you start this before your first check. I'm impressed by your income that eHow is giving you.
Thanks for visiting my blog and stay in touch.

Peter Lee
Work At Home Ideas

Maria said...

I joined CJ many months ago, bu t really just started promoting CJ affiliate products in September, by adding links on my sites and articles. I imagine I've spent about an hour or two all told, applying for programs, generating links and including them in articles I was already writing.

Suzanne Wells - The eBay Coach said...

Hi, Maria. I actually am working on ramping up CJ on my sites. Like you, I have had an account but haven't really done anything with it.

How are you using it and finding the results? Do you generate more clicks and sales thru the banner and button ads, or thru the text links, incorporated in a blog post? I am interested to know your strategy!

Thanks for all your great advice.


Maria said...

Suzanne, CJ is a nice way to add another income stream to your blogs and articles. I have used text links -- virtually all my links for CJ products are text links. I think I like them better than graphic ads most of the time.