Sunday, December 7, 2008

Top Earning eHow Articles

Inspired by a post on the eHow Community Chatter forum, I've decided to share a screen shot of my highest earning article amounts.

I remember when I first posted about my eHow article earnings on a writer's forum. My initial article had earned less than a dime, but I wanted to share the info with other writers. Months later, in another post about writing for residual income, another poster scoffed about "WriterGig's six-cent eHow articles."

Now, just over a year later, I am please to say that that article has earned me over $100. I guess I had the last laugh after all. But I hope other writers, especially other moms and dads struggling to make ends meet during tough economic times, will take note and be inspired about the potential from online writing, on eHow and elsewhere.

Following is a screenshot of my highest-earning eHow articles. You can click the image to enlarge it.
(image copyright 2008 WriterGig)

I don't share the titles because some were quite original and I'd rather people find their own niches rather than try to duplicate mine. There is plenty of room on eHow and plenty of titles not yet written, so I encourage everyone to find their own groove, so to speak.

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What's the most you ever made from a single online article, on eHow or elswhere? Do you prefer to write for up front payment or long-term residual income?


Athlyn Green said...

Hi Maria,
Love you r blog and was looking for the "Follow" button. like revenue shares because yu continue to earn on work you've already done.

you've done really well with your E-how efforts. I would love for you to do a guest post on my writing blog to share your eperiences with readers.


Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by! My "Follow" button is all the way at the bottom of my blog. :)

Gayle said...

Thank you so much Maria--for sharing your top earnings! Mine is $790.00 for the email article. This must be because it is a hot topic. It is not even a good article. I have my kids (in their 30's) writing and they are making around $30. a month. They also have email articles that are paying a little but not like the first. Interesting!

jen brister said...

My highest earner has earned about $20.00...I posted it in October.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on your success with eHow! Are you still a member of that forum? Can you brag about the success of your six-cent articles? ;)

Kasey or Karen said...

My highest earner is around $25, I think? Ever since they made all of the changes I have been unable to login to eHow.

Genevieve said...

I've been having problems submitting to ehow for about three weeks. I have an article all ready to be posted, but it keeps crashing when I try to submit. Not having problems anywhere else!

So far my top article is .35, but I just started and only have three up!