Monday, January 26, 2009

Bukisa Payout Reached

I've hit the $50 payout level on Bukisa and will receive payment next month, in February, according to the terms of use. I'll let you know how prompt the payment is after it's received.

As you can see, 1/5 of my earnings are from my own content and the other 4/5 is from my network's earnings. My strategy with Bukisa was to build up my network at the get-go, as soon as I heard about the site and had tried it out and considered it legitimate, since network earnings are 100% passive income.

I'm using Bukisa to publish high-hit articles, since the site pays by view and not by ad clicks. I'm also using the site to build backlinks to some of my eHow articles and blogs, to improve page rank with Google and other search engines.

As Bukisa grows and revenue sharing sites increase in popularity, I expect it to be a good earner and another key ingredient to making money online through content, both for its own earnings and for building links and traffic to my other work.

Have you used Bukisa to build backlinks to your other sites? Are you building your Bukisa network (without using spammy PMs!)?


Jennifer said...

I am so excited to see that you reached pay out on Bukisa. I know that there has been much debate over whether they will pay. Thank you for sharing your experiences with them.

bdcblogs said...

Congratulations… this is a great accomplishment. I joined Bukisa a couple months ago and like you I’m earning much more from my network than from my own articles. Networking is the key to success with Bukisa.

Michele said...

How encouraging, Maria! I'm ashamed to admit that I only published 4 or 5 (?) articles at the beginning and although I have several in my network, I haven't spent much time at Bukisa. :-( There's only so many hours in the day, though, and I'm planning on trying to make my rounds to both Bukisa and eHow and Squidoo AND HubPages. LOL That's besides my other writing and blogging. Of course, all my client/editor work comes first. :-)

Thanks for sharing this with us--and thank you for you kind words on my latest blog post (I appreciate it very much)!


Wren Caulfield said...
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lanne said...

Glad to hear that Bukisa has been good to you. I joined in Dec and within 3 days had made it to my $50 cash out without any down line . My first pay was $166.00 U.S.( good because I`m Canadian) but since then I have only been accumulating about $20 mth. So you can make decent $$. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria ,

Thanks for sharing the good info about Bukisa !

I want to know if you got paid by Bukisa and is it a legitimate site? please share your experience onthis one, thanks.