Monday, January 5, 2009

Top eHow article hits $1,000 in Revenue

Thank goodness I stepped out on a limb just over a year ago and decided to experiment by writing directly for eHow. At the time, I was suggesting how-to titles for a content company contracted by Demand Media to provide articles for the site. For each topic they approved and I wrote, I was paid a flat fee: $11.

Of course, for a stay at home mom who could crank out 2-3 an hour at times, the hours rate wasn't bad -- and it was better than what I was earning grading high school English papers at night. So I certainly wasn't complaining. But ... what if I could retain the rights to my work and possibly earn more submitting directly to eHow? I decided to give it a shot after eHow's Rich stopped by the WAHM writer's forum trying to recruit eHow members.

My first article has earned hundreds of dollars. One of the articles I wrote a month in to my experiment has now crossed the $1,000 mark. Wow. (Click image to enlarge. Some details removed.)

Is that not awesome? Here's hoping a few of the others cross that mark in 2009. And if you still needed convincing, residual income is the best business model for writers, in my opinion. In 2009, I'll be doing all of my writing for residual income streams. It took me a full year to transition from writing for pay, per article, to writing only "for myself" in residual income models.

I'm not just turning my back on $11 articles, or the $30 articles I was writing for another site. I charged $150 each for blog post articles in 2008 for a software company, and could have continued to write for them ... but my heart wasn't there. I only have so many hours to write, and I want to spend them building up long-term income sources that will continue to earn money for my family months and even years down the road.

Of course, since my income is a secondary income for our family, and I had to replace a part-time income and not a full-time one, it took less time, perhaps, than it would have otherwise. However, if you have more hours to devote to building up residuals, perhaps you can get there even more quickly.

In the coming year, it's my goal to build up a full-time residual income ... working very part-time, of course, and using the foundation I already have in place.

What are your writing income goals for 2009?


The Massage Lady said...

This is incredibly inspiring Maria. Thank you for continuing to post your numbers!

Sarah H. said...

Well done, Maria!!

Lindsay said...

Awesome, Maria!

It's wonderful to see how well that program is paying out for you. I did Associated Content for a while (more as another venue for posting articles with links back to my site than anything else) and have to laugh at the $2 I get from them every month. Really, they could just keep it and save themselves the paypal fees. :P

My biggest goal for 2009 is to hire a blogger or two to work on a couple of sites I've established but am not personally that enthused about working on any more. I want to see if I can keep the earnings coming in (and growing) while I narrow down my focus to one or two sites that I'm very interested in right now.

Mary said...

My writing goals are a little different - I'm a software developer and will be launching a financial application soon. My writing will be in the form of providing help files and hopefully, great personal finance posts on the same site that will generate traffic.

Athlyn Green said...

I couldn't agree more! Why get paid once for your work, when you can get paid over and over again.

You've given some excellent insights into why revenue share opps. are a longterm and viable medium for writers.

I wanted to "follow" this blog. If you add that function, I will do so in the near future.

I'll be visiting often.

Also, would you like to do a guest post on Write and Earn a Living about successful writing strategies?

Please let me know,

argyle said...

I have been writing for eHow about 4 months. I have written over 100 articles and am making $300 a month. My goal is to be making $500 a month steadily by the end of the year.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Wonderful job, Woman!

It looks like you are writing great articles and that eHow is a profitable source for publishing them.

Keep up the excellent work.

John said...

I write for ehow also although I am not making as much as you.

To increase my earnings I am posting my how tos on and

I hope to get to where you are.