Monday, January 5, 2009

Get Organized, Moms!

If lack of time is keeping you from reaching your income goals or starting projects you know will prove to be lucrative, it's time to get organized. We all have the same number of hours -- you just need to stop wasting time and make sure you accomplish the important things.

How many times have you wasted an hour or two online and then realized you didn't get even one new article written? I know it's happened to me. Yeah, you have to reply to blog comments and check out your friends' articles ... but first things first. Break down your goals into daily to-do lists and add them to your planner. If you're a WAHM, your planner should be chock full of things -- daily chores, menu plans, appointments, kids activities, writing deadlines and the like.

I used the Motivated Moms system for the last few months of 2008 and just purchased the 2009 version to keep me on track for the new year. It rocks!

Here's a sample page of my Motivated Moms 2009 Full Size Planner: (click image to enlarge):

It's basically the Fly Lady house cleaning system broken down into daily checklists, with my self-added writing goals and daily appointments all in one place. If you have trouble balancing it all, resort to this simple checklist system. It rotates your chores for you, incorporating daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks all in one simple planner system.

I'll be relying on my Motivated Moms planner to make sure I keep up with my writing goals for the year and stay on top of the house. I love writing, but I don't love housework. Knowing what I have to do each day simplifies things.

What's your favorite organizational tool or tip?


Jami Delgado said...

That looks like a great system, Maria! I love the Flylady system and used it all last year. This year I took it and had Anthony make me my own planner that includes room for cleaning schedule, activity schedule, menu planning, shopping list, special projects, and keeping track of special dates and budgeting notes. I LOVE IT! There's a few quirks that need worked out, but once they are fixed I am thinking about selling it (cheap).

Maria said...

Jami, you totally should! Being organized in my home allows me to be more productive with my work, and I bet with all the WAHMs and SAHMs online, you would have a good demand for it!

Eden Sharpe said...

I use Google calendar. Another mom recommended it to me when I outgrew my paper calendar. Great & free.

Mary said...

I love the Flylady system .. I'll take cleaning something that's already clean anyday (and of course her routines build you to that point!)

Mary said...

sorry for commenting again but does the MM calendar allow for customization? If so, that's definitely worth checking out! I've yet to find a planner that meets my own (admittedly quirky) needs!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Very inspiring! I really need to get organized in every arena in my life. Hehe, I'm working on it, but every hint and bit of encouragement helps.